How to create your Parent Portal Account

Access ID's and Access Codes/Passwords can ONLY be obtained from your child's school.

After reading the instructions follow the link below to continue on to create your new PowerSchool Parent Portal account. 

If you are a high school student and you received account information from your school, you DO NOT have to create an account. - Parents/Guardians are the only was that need to create accounts.

If you have problems creating your account please email

1.   CLICK CREATE ACCOUNT - all parents will click create account.  Students will continue to log on with access id's given to them by the school.
    Fill out the top of the Create Account page with your information (parent/guardian).


 USERNAME - DO NOT use "spaces" or email addresses.
Passwords need to be at least 6 characters long.

    Student Information
2.   Fill out the bottom half of screen with student information.   Fill out a line for each student you are accessing accounts.

Other parents/guardians can create their own parent accounts by using the same access codes.


If you have tried these steps and are still unsuccessful in creating your account please email .