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PowerSchool is back online.
We have upgraded to a newer version.
You may notice the menu is now on the left hand side instead of across the top.
Click here for Example


The Parent Portal now supports Single Sign-On. Single Sign-On allows parents with multiple students in the district to create a Parent Portal login that allows them to see all of their studentsí information with that one login. It also provides for separate parents/guardians to have separate logins to see a particular student.

The current access codes that parents are using to access the Parent Portal will be used to create the new account. All parents will need to create the new account since their current access code will only access the account creation screen and not the full Parent Portal.

Please click here for instructions.  After reading the instructions follow the link below to continue on to create your new PowerSchool Parent Portal account. 

If you are a high school student and you received account information from your school, you DO NOT have to create an account. - just use the information you recieved as a username and password.



If you have problems creating your account please email pssupport@rpsb.us